Rogers Technology: Booking Your Repair With Us

Why Rogers Technology? We all believe in the spirit of hard work and commitment. Our goal is to support new and existing customers to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Every repair shop can tell you the same thing, so what’s the difference? We walk our talk.

Book Online

Mitigating risks associated with Covid-19 matters to us and our loyal customers. To promote safety, our company encourages customers to book computer and iPhone repair services online anytime, anywhere. Once you’ve successfully booked an appointment online, we’ll tell you exactly what to do next. Don’t worry, our staff can guide you every step of the way. Also, Rogers Technology keeps you informed about its products and services.

Desktop and Laptop Repair

Got problems with Windows or iOS on your computer? Got data storage issues?
It can be frustrating when your computer and iPhone don’t work, especially in the middle of a busy day. Booking a computer repair online reminds our technicians that there is a job to be done. Rogers Technology understands that a faulty computer disrupts any important tasks. We’ve trained our certified technicians to fix software and hardware-related problems.

iPhone Repair

Cracked screens, faulty batteries, and ports are common tech problems we encounter day by day. Dealing with these problems won’t be that easy if you don’t even know where to go. At Rogers Technology, we have the best iPhone repair services in the industry today. Upon visiting our website, customers have to send us a message including a brief problem description and contact details.