Here at Rogers Technology, we make access to essential tech support wherever you are possible. Our remote support program is geared towards helping our customers while letting them stay in the comfort of their homes or offices. This program saves time, energy, and other resources they and we might use to get and provide tech support.

What You Get

By booking a remote support season with our professional technicians, you’ll get the virtual tech repair you need. This works like a remote computer repair and remote laptop repair. You get the solutions you need without having to get out of your house.

Our expert repair technicians will get in contact with you and use a remote desktop software called TeamViewer. The software will ask your permission to provide access to our technicians so they can help you fix your computer.

With remote tech repair, you save more on your computer repair services compared to dropping by your local computer repair shop.


Allowing access to our technicians will help you determine the repair your computer or laptop needs if it’s acting out of the ordinary. This is important for individuals who aren’t used to diagnosing and repairing computer software and hardware issues.

Click below to let one of our technicians support your device remotely. Most issues can be fixed without the need to bring your laptop in. This service is substantially cheaper than bringing your desktop/laptop into our office or get remote tech support that’s COVID-19 safe and convenient by calling us at 228-207-7538 today.